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What Are Orangery Cost Prices UK?

Finding a Reputable Orangery Installer

You can, of course, choose to buy an Orangery from one supplier and then select a different installer to fit them, but this would probably require you to have some higher level of expertise than the average person in order to ensure you are getting the right stuff.

Most of us would likely go for an “all in one” option, where the installer surveys the property, discusses your design requirements, gives written quotes for the work and if successful, fits the conservatory, windows or doors. If this is the way you feel suits you, then there are a few things to look for at outset when selecting an installer.

The Double Glazing and Conservatory Industry has been working hard to improve the quality of the contractors, not only in terms of material & workmanship, but also in terms of conduct within the sales process – and in order to “enforce” higher standards, a number of UK Government approved trade bodies now exist to support both the consumer & the contractor.

It is important to ensure that the installing contractor is a full member of one or more of the following UK trade associations – I personally would not feel comfortable dealing with a contractor who was not a member.

Most, if not all of these trade bodies ensure their members have to be trained properly, offer valid guarantees, deposit protection and dispute resolution methods.

The final decision as to which installer to choose is obviously yours, but if they are a member of a recognised trade body then at least you can be confident that they have credibility and are capable of doing the work to a decent standard.

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